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Your Absolute Luxury Riverside Resorts, Villas, Farmhouse in Anaikatti

maaya riverside villas in anaikatti
maaya riverside resorts in anaikatti

Maayaa Riverside Villas & Resorts are come up with luxury world-class amenities especially with the extraction of Bali. It is situated in Anaikatti Coimbatore and built with modern architecture and the property is surrounded by the beauty of Siruvani River and Bhavani River.

The main purpose of developing this premium luxury resort & villa project in Anaikatti Coimbatore is to delivering environmentally sound villas, resorts and homes away from the city when you stay off from the busy life. We are also providing agricultural land, farmhouse, farmland, gated community villas for sale in Anaikatti Coimbatore with a clubhouse, banquet hall, and other amenities.

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resorts in anaikatti for family



luxury villas in anaikatti


the club house

luxury resorts in anaikatti



gated community villas in anaikatti



clubhouse in anaikatti


the spa

farmhouse in anaikatti coimbatore


the cafe

luxury villas in anaikatti coimbatore
villa project in anaikatti
premium villas in anaikatti coimbatore


Villas in Anaikatti

Meraki Villas in Anaikatti Coimbatore by Maayaa magnanimous distribution with expansive living areas. The word "Meraki" stands for an issue of creativity & love. The Meraki villas in Anaikatti Coimbatore is built with the influence of Bali and also blend with the tropical green outlook. Each and every villa are built and designed with well-established and well planned architectural engineers.

Around 70+ Riverside retreat villas are come up with eco-friendly villas to get rid of the pollution from the city life style. The gated community villa projects in Anaikatti subsist of a living area, a couple of bedrooms, a lawn proceeding to the swimming pool scene of Bhavani River and Siruvani River.

riverside villas in anaikatti
agricultural land for sale in anaikatti


Villas in Anaikatti

Meraki villas are build up to import more natural shine, boom and pattern inside. The chill breeze from the bank of the river come inside the villas that make every living being feel the novelty of nature. Villas in Anaikatti target to remove the exhausted lifestyle and allow us to feel the richness of our nature.

Meraki villas in Anaikatti promises a relaxing lifestyle. The architecture of the luxury gated community villas, clubhouse and farmhouse focus to eliminate the difference between the indoor and outdoor of the villa.

Spacious gated community villas that have large windows that bring warm sunlight into the room. The interiors of the house are let in the clamminess of the river breeze. We brought these villa projects in Anaikatti is to offer a relaxing and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

farmhouse for sale in anaikatti


Zephyr by Maayaa is a clubhouse with approximately 20,000Sq.Ft area for residents' well being and also for a frolic purpose. It is an absolute place to spend your weekends with friends, family and also for couples. The creative art-filled outdoors and the infinity pool interacts with nature and chill breeze which is the perfect option to enjoy family time.

The clubhouse in Anaikatti also has a leisure pool where the beverages and foods are delivered inside the pool for you to relieve all the work pressure and allow us to enjoy and experience the tropical and organic climate.

farmland for sale in anaikatti


the club house

  • Outdoor Infinity Pool
  • Pool-Side Cafe
  • Indoor Gym
  • TV Area
  • Mini Library
  • Snooker Table
  • Table Tennis
  • Conference Hall
  • Relaxation Lounge
gated community villa for sale in coimbatore anaikatti
villa for sale in anaikatti



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MAAYAA Riverside Villas

We strive to augment the communities by developing clubhouse, properties, residential villa for accommodation that is environmentally sound and sticking to nature which is the high stipulating demand from the city side people.

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