Maayaa Resorts & Villas in Anaikatti

Explore the Anaikatti

Anaikatti is an amazing place with a pleasant climate through out the year. It is located in the thickest forest. These blogs help you to know the various resorts, places and specialities of Anaikatti situated in Coimbatore.


Luxury Resorts & Villas in Anaikatti Coimbatore

In Our Resort, you can pick your specific manner of living. We are giving numerous choice, for example, exemplary remaining, premium remaining, and so on, One can pick their most ideal decision as per their desire.


Places to Visit in Anaikatti Coimbatore

The word Anaikatti, means "elephant herd". It is a very popular and populated place for elephants. It is surrounded by nature. The wavy watery sound, chirping birds, chill breeze makes our mind rejuvenates.

MAAYAA Riverside Villas

We strive to augment the communities by developing clubhouse, properties, residential villa for accommodation that is environmentally sound and sticking to nature which is the high stipulating demand from the city side people.

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